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The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

Posted by: | Posted on: September 3, 2017

Hillbilly Moon Explosion is a Swiss rockabilly band founded in 1998. The group is known for a versatile mix of Rock and Roll, Jump Blues, Swing, Country, Roots rock and Surf music elements.

Hillbilly Moon Explosion originated in 1998 as part of the Zurich rockabilly scene.n The group was founded by the native Englishman and Swiss citizen Oliver Baroni (vocals, bass, guitar) and Italian-Swiss singer Emanuela Hutter. Oliver Baroni was planning to leave his former band, the Hillbilly Headhunters. Emanuela Hutter worked with the singer/songwriter music project MD Moon at that time. The original formation was completed by drummer Aad Hollander and guitarist Pat Matteo, another former member of the Hillbilly Headhunters. The first demo tape was made in the same year. Emanuela Hutter was at the time bound by solo performances and did not enter the band until the following year. In 2006 with the release of All Grown Up, Duncan James replaced Patrick Gese on Guitar and Swiss Luke Weyermann the new drummer.

In addition to touring and performing in Switzerland the band performed a variety of performances in other European countries – including Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Austria. In 2010, Hillbilly Moon Explosion appeared as the opening act for Jeff Beck in Paris Olympia. The members of the group live in and around Zurich.

Although some media outlets rate it as a very good rockabilly formation from Switzerland, Hillbilly Moon Explosion is still considered an underground band. On the album Buy, Beg or Steal, in the song My love for Evermore Hutter sang a duet with Mark “Sparky” Phillips from the British psychobilly group Demented Are Go.


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