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ZIVA AUDIO specialises in  audio mastering, and remastering.  We are equipped to produce a sound that ranges from vintage analogue to clean digital.

Our audio quality is always world class, no exceptions.

Audio mastering is a process that relies on a combination of real world experience and technical knowledge. An engineer can learn the basics of audio mastering in a very short time but will only become a good mastering engineer whilst mastering many different genres of music over several years. This experience trains their ears in a way only experience can.  This is the experience and professional know-how that we offer.

We offer a service that guarantees your music will compare favourably with other commercial releases. A company that understands your music very well and is easy to work with.  We have mastered thousands of tracks of all genres. Revisions to the mastering service are free of charge.  We aim to provide you with a high quality product, that stands above the rest, at a price you can afford.

Our current portfolio of work being undertaken ranges from the years 1900 to 2016, covering the whole music spectrum.  We are able to add an additional layer of 21st century mastering techniques, in terms of trying to make the track loud enough to compete with anything else that’s around today. Without turning everything into a kind of ‘wall of sound’. Ensuring that you hear the individual instruments blending together, and with each instrument clearly audible in itself. Where applicable, the musicianship will be at the forefront.  We always offer:

High Quality

Our audio quality is always world class, no exceptions, as we are willing to put time and hard work into every piece of music that we master. We never settle for anything less than perfection in every thing we do, and endeavour to achieve 100% client satisfaction, no less, with no compromises.

Low Prices

As well as supplying the highest quality online mastering services, we also offer them at the lowest prices possible, which is perfect for music professionals on a budget. We offer our services at the lowest prices possible.

Fast Delivery

The ZIVA AUDIO Studio has the ability to turn around your master quickly and efficiently, usually within 48 hours.

Easy Online/Safe System

We make it easy and safe to upload your songs, communicate with our staff, and manage every aspect of your project.

What We Do, and Why (Mastering)

  • EQ – To correct and enhance the content your mix.
  • Mid / Side – Tightens the mono centre and widens the stereo image.
  • Analogue – Adds warmth and richness.
  • Compression – Gives character and depth.
  • Limiting – Increases loudness and solidifies the mix.
  • Enhancements for Mp3 Conversions & Radio Streams.


  • We ensure your music reaches its full potential.
  • This is a very competitive industry, we help you rise above the other artists.
  • We provide the sound so that you instantly impact potential record companies, radio and industry experts.
  • Our final masters will give you confidence, that you sound your best on headphones and club systems.

For more Details of our Audio Mastering Service click HERE, and/or contact us by Email: info@ziva.one or by phone on +44 (0)20 8050 1787, or by using the online Contact Form.

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